Melissa’s Hope Newsletter – August 2013

Hello Again!

Melissa’s Hope Foundation symbolizes everything good in this world. It is a place of love and hope for our future generations. Great things are happening at Melissa’s Hope and we would love to share the excitement with you!

What’s New?

Image 61DSC00937Melissa’s Hope Foundation provides FREE schooling for children in grades 1st-6th. Along with getting an education they provide the children with a meal everyday, a uniform, and school supplies all free of charge. The school has been in existence for the past four years and finally after all our hard work the Haitian government has acknowledged us as a legitimate school!! This is great news because now we can have age appropriate children test into high school, which is an amazing accomplishment in Haiti.

This year we had six children who were eligible to take the high school exam! Five out of the six students tested high enough to be admitted into high school. We are so excited for Beatrice Benoit, Dawens Charitable, Vilna Corasme, Christa Ceus, and Andrena Noel and we wish them the best of luck as they continue their education. Help us show support and congratulate them by helping other children get to the same level.

Current Issues

Image 11School starts up again September 1st and the success of the school year is dependent on donations. The school is expected to have 75-100 students, which is absolutely amazing! There will be six teachers and one cook on payroll at the cost of $525.00. Please help us to continue to educate and present more children with the opportunity to go on to high school!

Donations, thoughts, and prayers are greatly appreciated!  Come visit and catch up with us.  We’d love to hear your stories and thoughts, and now you can post them on the website. Also, making a donation to Melissa’s Hope is EASY and straight forward.  And EVERY dollar will go directly to Pascal, Charlette, and the kids.

Thanks for taking time to read this newsletter.  We’re thrilled to keep you updated.


Mallory Eggert

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