Melissa’s Hope Foundation (MHF)

In a nutshell, we’re a group of friends who share a common desire to keep Melissa’s Hope going, now, and well into the future.   Please feel free to contact any one of us with questions and ideas.

Melissa’s Hope is a rare and wonderful place.  Its a positive and busy community that feels a lot like summer camp.  Visiting Melissa’s Hope feels good because its run by good people who treat the orphans, students, and day campers with respect and great care.

Its also an expensive place to run.  Right now, people who know Melissa’s Hope are raising money where they can to keep it going, but its month by month with practically no reserve.  Its a fragile state that we intend to change.

MHF is a volunteer organization.  We established MHF with our own time, energy, and money, so donations are NOT subject to any overhead or expenses.  Every dollar of every donation goes directly to Melissa’s Hope.

Dozens of people play key roles in supporting and running Melissa’s Hope.  As this website grows, expect to hear more about them.  For now, meet the MHF board.

Board Members:

Jean Pascal Bain – Director and MHF President, Port Au Prince, Haiti

Charlette Michele Bain – Co-director Port Au Prince, Haiti

Colleen Hanlen – St Louis, MO

Joe Jennings – Los Angeles, CA

Mallory Eggert – Oak Forest, MO

Dana McPhee – Spokane, WA
Terry Jones – Hardy, VA


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